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We are Utah Stair Company

Utah Stair Company is your prime custom stairs contractor of choice from Davis County to Utah County. We can design, fabricate, construct, repair, and install almost every type of stairs imaginable for your home, commercial, and industrial space.

We have been in the business for years, and our former clients can prove and attest to the quality of service and stairs we provide.

Why Choose Us

You can count on us for anything stairs-related. We can build and install stairs, railings, and other decorative elements for staircases. We also work with building contractors, remodelers, renovators, and custom home builders. With us, the stairs part of your projects is covered.

Our team is composed of highly-skilled, trained, and experienced individuals. They are always ready for any job order you send our way and expect the highest level of professionalism from our people.

We can start planning and discussing your stairs project as soon as you give us a call. Normally, our process begins with creating your design, inspecting the site, and talking about the specifics of the project.

Once we get all the information we need and reach an agreement, we can procure the materials, fabricate parts, and prepare for the install. Whenever you are ready, we can start building the staircase you have ordered.

Stairs We Build

Straight Stairs

As its name implies, a straight staircase does not have any turns. It is built straight from top to bottom and is the most common type you see in homes and commercial spaces. Depending on the vertical height of the straight staircase, it may have a central landing.

We recommend this type for people seeking a minimalist design and have a lot of space to reserve for the stairs.

Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are a very stylistic option for homeowners and business owners. It is elegant and can complement almost every house or commercial space architecture as long as there is an abundance of space available.

Before anything else, curved stairs are some the most challenging to build, and they can be costly as well. We recommend this type if you have space, money, and genuinely want to elevate your home or business’ interior design.

Exterior Stairs

The main difference between exterior stairs and other types of stairs we build is how builders construct them. With exterior stairs, we must be mindful of the materials we use and how we strategically put them together. You can choose whatever design you want, and we will make it possible for that design to be capable of enduring the harsh environment outside.

Flared Stairs

Flared stairs is a straight staircase with a bit of curve for design purposes. Naturally, the curve starts at the lowest point of the stairs and ends in the middle of the central landing. It is eye-catching, and it looks great from every angle.

We recommend having flared stairs if you need a luxurious staircase but have a limited building space.

Monumental Stairs

It is what it sounds like: a staircase with a monumental appeal. We refer to large, wide, and prominent staircases that may typically span two to three floors as monumental staircases. Most commercial establishments like malls and hotels have this kind of stairs to accommodate greater foot traffic. Some take advantage of this type of stairs to create a focal point in the building’s style and design.

Spiral Stairs

We can safely say that spiral stairs are the most economical type there is. It is compact as you can build it using only 25%, or less, of the space a straight staircase may need. It is also easier to make, and it uses fewer materials.

We generally recommend this type if your space is limited, you want a modern minimalist vibe, or if the stairs only lead to small rooms that are rarely accessed.

Circular Stairs

Circular stairs can be a bit confusing. Some people refer to a spiral as circular, while some may confuse one with a curved stair. Circular stairs are a set of winder stairs that complete a full circle.

Unlike a spiral staircase, circular stairs do not have a central pole. Unlike a winder staircase, it does not have a landing, and the steps have equal measurements. And unlike a curved staircase, it goes on a full circle and does not just simply curve.

Basement Stairs

Basement stairs have their category because of the complexity that surrounds them wherever they are built. They are commonly a challenge to construct because of the limited open space between the ground floor and the basement, especially if the basement stairs’ space is constricted with walls. Because of that, by default, you need a professional contractor to work on your basement stairs to ensure that they will be up to code, safe, and functional.

Commercial Stairs

Building commercial stairs are far too different from building residential stairs. For one, instead of looking at the International Residential Code (IRC), you must construct commercial stairs with the International Building Code (IBD). The measurements are different, and the quality standards between residential and commercial stairs are vastly different. These are the main reasons you need to get professional help.

Custom Stairs

If you have a non-standard design in mind and want to make sure your stair design is up to code, safe, and functional, your best option is to consult and get our help. With us, we can amend and build your custom stairs idea or design to make sure it will not fall apart or cause accidents that may even lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

Railings We Build


This is the most popular kind of stair railings in commercial establishments and offices. It is clean, pristine, and just plain gorgeous. It suits almost any architectural style, but it works great with modern house and commercial space designs.

The only downside to it is you need to clean it more frequently. Not to mention that it can cost a bit more than other railing types.


Cable railings are simple and a bit industrial looking. It is great for offices and industrial spaces. It is also an economical choice as it uses fewer materials and can be installed and fixed quite quickly. It is an ideal railing material for exterior stairs as it is weather-resistant and durable.


Steel is an excellent alternative to cable railings. It gives further structural support to your staircases and can easily survive the harsh elements outside. It is a must in industrial and commercial environments with lots of foot traffic.

Most steel railing designs you will see are often simple and straightforward, but you still have the option to request a custom design for your stairs.


If you want more flexible design options and still want to have cable and steel rails’ durability, iron is your best option. It costs a bit more, but the aesthetic appeal to your stairs and property makes it worth your while.


Traditional and beautiful. Wood railings are an easy choice for home and business owners. And sometimes, it is only the type of railing material that can match your beautiful staircase.

Despite its flaws, we can make sure that your wood railing will be durable, stylish, and worth your money. We will only use the finest lumber and finish that will further amplify the aesthetics of your staircase and interior décor.

We Build Stairs For

New Home Builds

If you are building a new home, then we are sure that you need our help. With us, you can rest easy that the stairs you will have will perfectly match the home you will construct. We will give you the perfect stairs. And it does not matter if you want a custom staircase: we can deliver on our promises.

Home Remodels

Our systematic processes can get you the stairs you need for your home remodel. All you need to do is call us, and we will send one of our people over to look at your project and the site. We will then talk to you about the design. After we have a plan, we will proceed with fabricating your stairs. Once we are done, we will then help you with the remodel and install your staircase.

Custom Home Builders

We also work with building contractors and can provide you with various stair choices that will surely match your projects. You can rely on us on whatever type of stairs you want—  straight, curved, circular, spiral, or flared — you name it, we got it.

Commercial Buildings

The stairs we design and build will perfectly fit your commercial building, office, or production facility. We guarantee you that the staircases we will build for you will be made using commercial-grade materials and be up to code. You can rest easy that your stairs will be safe, functional, and can endure the foot traffic in your building.

Government Buildings

Working in government buildings can be stressful and challenging. Still, with our experience and our deep understanding of the processes involved, you can expect that we can breeze through your project and provide you with a smooth, stress-free, and hassle-free service.