Steel Rails for Stairs in Utah

Utah Stair Company specializes in building and installing a wide variety of staircases and stair rails. We mainly focus on using wood, aluminum, stainless steel, and iron for our stairs. On the other hand, we offer stair railings made of glass, steel, wrought iron, cables, and many more.

Steel gives maximum durability to your stairs. It is ideal for outdoor spaces and industrial environments with a lot of foot traffic. It is a robust material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and does not require constant maintenance.

Aside from adding structural integrity to your stairs and keeping you safe while you climb and walk down your stairs, steel stair rails can be eye candy. And if you want to make your stairs beautiful, you can choose one of our designs in our portfolio. We are sure that you will find one that you will love and complement your property’s aesthetics.

Also, they are easy to make, as most designs using steel are straightforward and simple. Of course, you have the option to send us a more complex design if you want your stair rail to stand out. And even if stair rails have a bit of high upfront cost, it is an excellent investment, as it can last you a lifetime.

If you need a reliable and beautiful steel rail for your staircase, contact us through this website or give us a call. We will be more than happy to accommodate any build request or answer any question you have about our service or anything related to stairs.