The staircase is an essential part of any home that incorporates more than one level. For a remodeling or construction project, you should consider the various stair types as it affects the visual appeal of the home while taking a varying amount of space.

When adding a new staircase, think about which type would make the best choice since each has its own pros and cons.

Here is a rundown on the different types of staircases we provide


Straight Stairs

A straight stair is the most prevalent and affordable staircase design available. Many builders use pre-cut risers (the vertical portion of the staircase) because of their simplicity.

The straight-line design of this staircase means that it does not require any specific support and only has to be attached at the top and the bottom floors.

Curved Stairs

The most commonly used staircase close to an entryway is the curved stairs. The primary purpose of these stair types is to add a major design feature in a home.

Curved stairs are easy to traverse but can be more difficult and costly to construct.

Exterior Stairs

Exterior staircases provide a strong statement on the outside of a home. An elegant exterior staircase is one of the first things guests experience and can set the stage to a perfect ambiance for parties.

Experienced craftsmen can work on both wood and steel stair carriages for these exterior staircases. The stairs can incorporate all types of balustrades available and in materials including glass, forged iron, cable rail, stainless steel, metal, and wood.

Flared Stairs

Flared stairs provide a unique visual element as well as a touch of drama to any home. It makes for an ideal choice for houses where the foyer can be too small to accommodate a grand curved staircase.

To create a flared staircase, experts need to add a slight curve to the stairs by flaring the bottom portion.

Monumental Stairs

One of the most favorite items for architects to design is the monumental staircase. Usually added as a showpiece to the most important interior area, monumental stairs combine decorative metal elements, exposed metal structures, and limitless amounts of other material finishes.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral staircases are perfect for tight spaces and are usually considered as a novelty style. True spiral staircases only have one central post to which all of the steps are attached.

Circular Stairs

Circular staircases are more of a traditional design compared to a spiral model. Although it does go around with its steps tapered, its curve is more relaxed compared to a spiral staircase.

Basement Stairs

Basement stairs are staircases that are designed to accommodate the basement of a home. Some basement staircases come with open sides and have no railing, as these can obstruct objects that are brought in and out of basements.

Commercial Stairs

Commercial stairs are staircases that are designed to meet or exceed building codes. They are perfectly suited to match the needs of various commercial establishments.

Custom Stairs

People who have unique ideas for their staircases can get custom stairs. This process often involves a consultation process to discuss your ideas of your dream staircase.


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