There are different types of stair applications, but choosing the right stairs for what you’re building should not be complicated. We are here to make everything convenient and easy.

At Utah Stair Company, we aim to provide customized stairs that will last long! Made from quality materials and constructed with expertise, our team is dedicated to providing our customers the right stair for their space and budget.

Stairs for New Home Builds in Utah

A newly constructed home is like a blank canvas. There are many types of stairs that can be accommodated depending on the structure and layout of the space. The common materials used are wood, glass, and stainless steel.

Stairs for Home Remodels in Utah

A brand new set of stairs can give the overall look of a remodeled home a brighter and more inviting vibe. Renovating an old staircase and giving them a more aesthetic presentation can increase a property’s value in the market.

Stairs for Custom Home Builders in Utah

Customized homes usually require custom stairs that can accommodate the space allotted. Depending on how big the layout is, stair types can vary from Spiral to even Flared staircases.

Stairs for Commercial Buildings in Utah

There are various stair types for commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and company or office buildings. There are certain requirements for this that include the construction of both interior and exterior stairs. The safety and ease of use must be kept in mind when building a specific staircase for this application.

Stairs for Government Buildings in Utah

There are limited stair types that can be manufactured in both the interior and exterior parts of government buildings, and at the same time, meeting any restrictions or requirements the building may have. Like in commercial buildings, the safety of the people using it should be prioritized.

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