Cable Rails for Stairs in Utah

Cable railing systems are a great alternative to metal and wood stairway railings. Instead of exclusively using heavy pieces of lumber and metal tubes for balusters, it uses thick cables, which also provide stability and support to your staircases. Most cable stair railing systems you see will often be hybrid customs which typically use wood or metal.

It is an excellent choice for outdoor stairs as it is durable and weather resistant. And since it is also more economical than your traditional railing systems and has a minimalist appeal, many industrial and commercial buildings prefer to have this instead of the alternatives.

Of course, it is a good option for your interior stairs in your house as well. Its simplicity shines in most modern American homes, and its cost cannot be ignored by homeowners who have tight budgets.

It is safe, sleek, and chic. You also do not need to clean it regularly, unlike glass railings. Plus, it provides an unobstructed view, and the cable barriers can securely keep anyone or anything from falling off the stairs. Lastly, maintaining it is as simple as tightening the cables with a wrench, which you can do in ten minutes or less.

However, you need professionals to install and repair cable stair railing. You can trust Utah Stair Company that we can build and maintain your stair rails according to international standards and in compliance with local building codes and regulations.