Glass Stair Rails and Panels

It is no wonder that glass rails are the most popular choice for staircases in office buildings and commercial establishments. Seeing one immediately gives the impression of affluence as it is a high-end and luxurious addition to your home, shop, or office. This feature elevates your interior’s overall aesthetic value, and it meshes well with modern and minimalist architecture.

One of the primary benefits of having glass stair railings is their ability to amplify your staircase’s beauty. Because it is transparent, you can have a full view of your staircase from every angle. Aside from that, as glass lets light through, your interior space will become much brighter and more spacious looking than before.

However, if you are a homeowner, you should budget accordingly since glass railings are costly. The thicker the glass you want to have, the more expensive it is to build and install it. Also, having a custom-made design will exponentially add to its cost.

Another caveat with glass railings is that you cannot just carelessly build and install one by yourself. You need professionals like us.

For one, you must strictly follow building codes as glass panels installed improperly can easily lead to accidents. Failing to choose the right type of glass, type of glass railing, and quality of railing materials also raises the risk.

Call Utah Stair Company to find out everything you need to know about glass rails for stairs. After all, a glass railing is an investment. Get all the answers from experienced professionals before committing to putting your money down.